1CH & 8CH 110Ω TO 75Ω

  • AES/EBU Impedance Converter
  • Broadcast & long distance audio transmission applications
  • AES3 twisted pair balanced 110Ω to AES3id coaxial unbalanced 75Ω
  • Single channel and eight channel versions
  • OEM board level & branded enclosure options
  • Output Level meets AES3 2-7 Vp-p and AES3id 1.2 Vp-p, see SPECS below
  • Optimized board trace lengths mitigate attenuation, jitter and latency
  • Dedicated component simulations to carefully match impedance characteristics
  • 110Ω Physical IO:
    • 24 plated PCB through-holes or optional headers, wired to panel mounted XLR(s) & optional DB25
  • 75Ω Physical IO:
    • 1 or 8 x board mounted 75Ω BNC jacks, right angle
  • Passive operation
  • Small form factor 1RU with reversable mounting ears
  • Design flexibility + grounding option for discreet, stand-alone enclosure
  • Low cost OEM board level products


AudioBalanced 110ΩUnbalanced 75Ω
InterfaceXLR &/or DB25BNC
CableTwisted PairCoax
Output Level2 - 7 Vp-p1.2 Vp-p
Maximum Distance100m, 328 ft.1,000m, 3,280 ft.

Form Factors: Board Level, 1RU & Discreet
Versions: Single Channel & Eight Channel

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