To access the below updates, please contact your IOL program engineer for site credentials. Programs subject to EOL or discontinued irreplaceable BOM components are not included below. Please refer to release notes on updated versions.

Program Identifier Version Deliverable
Backstage Boss LPS (live performance server) 0.1 IOL System
Audio Endpoint Controller 0.6 Xilinx
M4 EtherCAT 0.4 Infineon
Gunga Galunga 0.9 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
SNMP-AV Virtualizer Engine 1.0 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Timezilla PCB 1.0.1 Schematics, Gerbers, BOM
No Plan B 1.2 PDF & BOM: ZIP Archive
Statistica Lumen 0.7 Linux
Optical Audio Data Extractor 0.5 DWDM amplifier code
Compression Analysis 2.0 PDF
Fourtress (4-channel) 0.6 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Slang Dunk 0.7 Linux
Crystal Math 0.8 Linux
Under Pressure (Earbud) 0.6 AutoCAD
Dairy Air 0.7 Schematics, Gerbers, BOM
Time In (Engine) 1.1 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Time Out (Engine) 0.9 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Sum Mitt 0.7 AutoCAD
1.21 Gigawatts 0.8 Linux
Shutter the Thought (self-actuating) 0.8 AutoCAD
Brain Sturgeon 1.0 Raspberry Pi
Surf's Up 0.9 AutoCAD
Channel Selector 1.2 Full PCB Docs
Time In/Time Out 1.1 Full PCB Docs
Audio Dynasty 1.1 iOS
Kill Switch 1.1 Linux
Bandolier 1.3 Linux
Velvet Serenata 1.5 Raspberry Pi
Tightrope (Bal<>UnBal) 1.1 C67x DSP CCS code
Drone On 2.0 Linux
Droneopolis 1.2 Linux
Once Driven 1.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Twice Shy 1.6 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Types of Prepreg 1.5 PDF
Get It Together (Audio File Joiner) 1.6.1 Linux
My Tricorder 1.0 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Two-Step: Integrated Jack+Potentiometer 2.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Quantum Entanglement 1.4 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
High Entropy Alloy (Patent Pending) 1.2 PDF
Last Rat Standing 1.1 Linux
MIL-STD-220C Insertion Values 1.2 C67x DSP CCS code
Crispy Bits 1.0 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
The Bettys 1.1 Linux
No Tongue 1.2 Linux
Route This 1.3 Linux
Temporary Filling 1.3 C67x DSP CCS code
Take That 1.4 Linux
Alwaysland 1.4 C-code
Louder (Class-D Amplifier, PWM) 3.0 C67x DSP CCS code
Eight is Enough, 8 Channel Audio Processing (32-192kHz) 1.2 C67x DSP CCS code
Grandmother with Wheels 1.34 Linux
Steadfast: Time Domain XLR (TDX), 5 pin (Patent Pending) 1.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
One Tough Monkey (TQ Algorithm) 1.2 C-code
Brick Wall 1.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
AES256 Blaster 1.4 PDF
25G Ethernet 1.0 Linux
Get Down: Ultra Female XLR 1.2 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Yikes (IP Deduct) 1.1 Linux
Testify: Bassackwards 6.35mm (Patent Pending) 2.3 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
P6X 427 1.4 TI DSP C6000
Gibraltar Anvil 1.3 Gerbers, BOM, Linux
Hop Minimizer Ethernet Switch 3.2 Gerbers, BOM, Linux driver
High-Efficiency 802.11ac Analog Front-End (Hummingboard) 1.4 Gerbers, BOM, Linux
Donkey's Ears 1.3 Linux
Steadfast: Time Domain XLR (TDX), 3 pin (Patent Pending) 1.3 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Oddbrawl 1.4 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
BNC & XLR Audio Wave Levels 1.0 PDF
Jitter Chatter 1.2 PDF
No Spoon 1.1 Gerbers, BOM
Audio Network Discovery 1.1 Linux
About Time 1.1 Gerbers, BOM
Pole Vault 1.2 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Bit by Bit Rental 1.3 TI DSP C6000
Headroom Architect 1.4 OrCAD, PDF
Mango, Grape & Mango 1.0 Xilinx FPGA
Outta Control 1.2 Linux
Audimatic 1.1 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
AAC-Cruncher 1.3 Linux
Ch-Ch-Channel 1.0 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Swing & a Myth 1.1 TI DSP C6000
Off the Record 1.2 Xilinx FPGA
Ethernet-AVB Audio Endpoint 1.2 Xilinx FPGA
Audio Therapy 1.2 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Shake It Up 1.0 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Margin Call 2.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Type A 1.2 OrCAD, PDF
Oinky Doinky 1.3 OrCAD, PDF
Doody Do 1.1 OrCAD, PDF
Riff Raff 1.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Tootie 1.2 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Lola, She Was A Show Girl, aka LSG 1.5 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Bite Coin 1.1 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Eradicate & Devastate 1.2 Xilinx FPGA
That'll Be the Way 1.3 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Velocity 1.3 OrCAD, PDF
Duck Tape 1.1 OrCAD, PDF
Dewd 1.3 OrCAD, Gerbers, X/Y, BOM
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer 1.2 ADC/DAC
8 Ways a Week 1.1 xCORE XS1-L4-64
Rhymes with Shalln't 1.1 Xilinx FPGA
Totalement 1.1 ADC/DAC
Buono Suono 2.2 Xilinx FPGA
H.265 EnCODE 1.3 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Lost in Transmission 1.2 ADC/DAC
Rock This 1.4 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Santa Claws 1.1 OrCAD, PDF
Topsy 2.2 iOS
Turvey 2.2 iOS
Thunder Gains 5 (Smart 5-pin) 1.4 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Holy Toledo 1.3 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
IEEE 1588 over IP 1.1 PDF
Thorn RC105 1.3 OrCAD, PDF
Thunder Gains 3 (Smart 3-pin) 1.4 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Dynamo Sum 2.0 Linux; iOS
Unusual It's Not 1.1 Xilinx FPGA
Attenutone 1.2 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
WiFi AES67 Adapter 1.5 OrCAD, PDF, Firmware
Hey Big Sender 1.4 xCORE XS1-L4-64
Pick-A-Little XLR, Surface Mount Auto Pick & Place (Patent Pending) 1.2 AutoCAD STP, PDF
Clone of Silence (Surface Mount) 2.0 AutoCAD DWG/STP/STL
Splowt 1.1 TI DSP C6000
AES67 Connection Management 1.0 PDF
McGusto (Surface Mount) 2.1 AutoCAD DWG, PDF
Loopy (64-bit) 1.3 Linux; iOS
Yogurt 1.2 Flash IP
Welcome to the Hotel Colorado Connector, aka HCC (Surface Mount) 1.1 AutoCAD STP/STL
Cronut-Magnon Connector, aka CMC: 3, 4 & 5 pin 1.1 AutoCAD STP/STL
X Marks the Spot, aka XMS 1.2 xCORE XS1-L4-64
Tiny Bubbles (Surface Mount) 1.2 AutoCAD STP/STL
Tiny Bubbles (Thru-Hole) 1.2 AutoCAD STP/STL
Wolf359 1.3 Xilinx FPGA
Telegram from Rudy Frimmel, aka TRF (64-bit) 1.1 Linux; iOS
Wiring Schematics, BOM & Test Application, X16NL8 Adapter 1.2 PDF; Linux
Conductive Rubber UberFlex 3.5mm Audio Plug Design 1.6 AutoCAD STP/STL
Conductive Rubber UberFlex 2.5mm Audio Plug Design 1.2 AutoCAD STP/STL
Embedded XLR, 3 PIN M&F Designs 1.4 AutoCAD STP/STL
Out of Darkness DMX Control Application, aka O2D2 1.7 Linux; iOS
Hanging In There 1.3 AutoCAD STP/STL
Like A Loose Tooth 1.3 AutoCAD STP/STL
Rock On: Dance It Out 1.1 Xilinx FPGA
Over Drive 1.3 TI DSP
Hit or Myth 2.0 TI DSP C6000
Kicks Finder 1.1 Xilinx FPGA
Say When 1.2 TI DSP
Move These Refrigerators 1.2 Xilinx Spartan-6LXT
Audio Playground 1.1 Xilinx Spartan-6
Blisters OMT 1.3 Xilinx Spartan-6
Long Ranger 1.8 Linux
Timmy Gunn 1.3 Xilinx Spartan-6
Port Authority 3.0 Xilinx FPGA
Magical History Tour 1.3 8051
Rock On: In-Able 1.6 Xilinx FPGA
P_105 1.7 Embedded ARM
F_11A589 2.2 Embedded ARM
P_099 1.8 Embedded ARM
Blisters OMF 1.6 Xilinx Spartan-6
P_111 1.5 Embedded ARM
L_44099 1.4 Embedded ARM
Dooby Do 1.8 Xilinx FPGA
Society's Choirs 1.5 Xilinx FPGA
Rock On: ID Mic On 2.4 Xilinx FPGA
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