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IOL delivers robust hardware and software I/O solutions, primarily to the lighting, audio and broadcast industries. We also serve distinct industries such as industrial, energy, medical imaging and transportation, among many others. Delivering high quality, unique-featured products to our customer partners inspires us. What inspires you?

IO L.A.B. Corp. was established as a customer-focused organization. Our leadership believes that vendors become key vendors when their strategic vision isn't sideswiped by their revenue goals, aka profit-driven suppliers. Other vendors are product-driven, and some by quality. But great vendors are customer-focused.

IOL and Valentini International, Rivoli, Italy, entered into a partnership agreement for IO L.A.B. to provide SYNTAX multipin connectors, high performance application specific cables, cable drums, tooling and accessories exclusively to the North American market. IOL and Valentini have also partnered on the design, development and manufacture of innovative new circular multipin connectors.

SYNTAX at the ProLight+Sound Show
SYNTAX at the 2015 Infocomm Show
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IO L.A.B. has further partnered with several major audio industry OEMs and leading systems providers/integrators to engineer and develop industry-first, ingenious components & board-level pro audio stage and performance products.

IO L.A.B. Corp. delivers robust physical, electronic and soft I/O solutions primarily for the audio, lighting and broadcast industries. Our products and services have spanned numerous other markets such as machine vision, endoscopy, consumer electronics, geophysical, oil exploration, scientific and automotive.

We design, manufacture and/or supply full private label systems; PCB design; custom connectors and connections – physical, interior or exterior, and soft I/O; standard connectors for the lighting, audio and video/broadcast markets; Rapid Proto 3D printing design and modeling; Metal and Plastic products; and, application specific cable, cable drums and OEM cable assemblies.

Routing bits is our specialty.


IOL is an innovative company with engineering experience in many differing I/O technologies from IEEE-1394 and USB to Fibre Channel, Thunderbolt or IEEE-802.11 for applications as diverse as game consoles, high performance communication switchers, stage boxes, lighting consoles, video format converters or server backplanes. IOL has established deep partnerships within a global network of electronic and electro-mechanical design engineers.






From our first product, BridgeIt™, a 1394-to-SCSI converter, to the StudioLink™, an Optical to 1394 repeater, to the 2ST™, a DV to SDI with embedded audio converter, and Aries™, a BT.656 to DV bidirectional converter, IOL has provided solid, clever designs featuring great ease-of-use, all with high quality and reliability.

Recent programs (2013 - 2015) such as Attenutone™, Ethervibe™, Thunder Gains™, Dynamo Sum™, Clone of Silence™, Lost in Transmission™ and the newly released Jitterbug™, build upon the long standing and rich tradition of IOL private-labeled systems embedded/integrated in successfully-shipping OEM products.

IOL continues to build our portfolio of interconnect electronics that enable our partners to offer private-labeled synergistic products that generate significant revenue and profits.

DV Playground™

We have also engaged with several IC manufacturers to engineer customer development platforms for their new silicon. Our team offers strong VHDL skills, development methodology and test-benching for FPGAs. Experience in digital system partitioning and advanced function implementation in FPGAs with a strong track record in Design, Documentation and Verification of high-speed digital electronics, FPGAs, and embedded processor systems.

All of our products are in compliance with 2002/95/EC and 2002/96/EC on RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances), which cover polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and lead.

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A key part of IOL's business is licensing or supplying in-house product designs to numerous OEM clients.

Our team of mechanical engineers designs therma-formed high impact plastic enclosures for a fraction of what injection molded tooling costs.

We also specialize in metal products design and manufacturing, all conducted in the USA. Our METALWERKS Partner is among the finest metal fabrication firms in North America, offering deep experience and expertise.

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Colorado, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Italy, Singapore, China.

Managing virtual teams in far-flung locations requires new and different skill sets than most firms possess. We've been actively engaged in this model for well over a decade, and based on the design releases made over the past 2 years, we believe we've got it right.

United States, Italy, Singapore, China, Taiwan & South Korea.

The Company encourages cross-disciplinary rivalries
and challenges among our active departments.

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This is not IOL's corporate headquarters, although our building is relatively similar in terms of the spectacular views from the parapets.

Skilled and dedicated engineering talent architect, design and debug sophisticated audio & video PCBs destined for integration.
IOL deploys state of the art computer systems to track material flow, production, test and quality processes, order status and shipping.


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