IOL wants to also be known as the extension to your shop: your "Go-To" Guy.

Extension Shop™ is of unique benefit and a powerful advantage to high mix/low volume product lines.
  • IOL specializies in delivering low volume manufacturing at value pricing.
  • Our MOQ levels and unit pricing are tremendous business assets.
  • IOL does not compete against their customers.
  • Free your skilled in house team to focus on more profitable custom projects.
  • Reduce lead times, win more customers!
  • Off shore pricing at low MOQs for finished boards, assemblies, metal enclosures & cable harnesses.
IOL is an electronic system/component designer and manufacturer with expertise in audio/video data stream management, conversion & routing; multipin I/O; networking; I/O formats; PCB design, layout & fabrication; and, component sourcing.

We have the program management skills to see your full box or assembly builds to a successful launch - all at a reasonable cost.

Program partnering often entails dealing with multiple sources, each with their own goals and fingers to point. IOL's skill set gathers multifarious program requirements, tasks and all responsibilities under one banner.

IOL will take your concept or drawing to prototype and production quickly and effectively. We offer full customization and private branding. We have numerous electrical and mechanical engineers across the globe.

Discover how easy it is to do business with us. Let us show you how a top-notch supplier can deliver benefits to your upcoming program's income statement.

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IOL engineering and technical marketing groups will take your product wish list and generate a specification and functionality description, complete with key compatibility requirements.


IOL will carefully choose and assign to the program top resources from our global pool of engineering talent.

A Hardware Design Engineer, a Software Design Engineer, a Layout Engineer and a Program Manager will comprise the design team.

Following sign-off, design will commence and regular conference calls and/or email reports will be scheduled for design discussions and updates.

Customer's equipment and/or drivers may be required in our labs for product and manufacturing test program validation.

Hand-assembled prototypes will be built and delivered to the customer for evaluation and approval.



IOL also licenses many of our designs and custom designs to industry partners for manufacturing and/or marketing.
  • Manufactured and tested printed circuit board assemblies
  • Flexclosures
  • Other metal enclosures
  • Printed circuit board assemblies installed in Flexclosures
  • Finished product in retail- or industrial-ready packaging
IOL licenses both complete hardware designs as well as custom code. For example, our AV/C code has been embedded within disk drives, endoscopic equipment and camcorders, and our DVP code has been deployed globally. IOL has also implemented numerous, successful FPGA, DSP and micro-processor designs. We were converting analog video data streams to DV25 over 1394a in 1999.

We have also engaged in many modified standard product programs for specific customers in order to deploy designs quickly, and with nominal re-design cost.

Typically deliverables under such a scenario would be:
  • Bill of Materials
  • PCB Schematics in OrCAD
  • PCB Layout (Gerbers)
  • Design verification prototype(s)
  • Programmed devices
  • License agreement


IOL's unique, extensible Flexclosure™ product family quickly morphs from standalone desktop model into a 1RU (up to 7RU) rack mount enclosure.

Brackets, hardware and rubberized adhesive feet are always included.

Low cost, low MOQ.

Flexible architecture accomodates virtually any panel I/O.

Engineered for quick, inexpensive customization.

Flexclosure™1U - 7U Rack Dimensions (PDF)

Contact us for panel, pricing and lead time information.