Routing bits with aplomb. IO L.A.B. Corp. delivers robust hardware and software I/O solutions for the lighting, audio and broadcast industries.

IOL is actively seeking individuals to join our design engineering and sales service teams. We have numerous programs and projects in house and are searching for associates to join our organization to meet increasing customer requirements.

Join an outstanding team and learn how a virtual company over-powers old-school, last-century legacy firms in customer satisfaction. Discover what it means to ride the next wave, the next generation of hybrid-ODM supplier.

IOL operates from a philosophy that the true wealth of companies, individuals and for that matter, nations, comes from manufacturing and marketing something of intrinsic value. And so, we're building something of merit. Sometimes, out of thin air.

IOL has engineering, sales, manufacturing, warehousing and customer service locations scattered all over North America.... basically, where you live is fine by us, we're interested in your designs, output and productive capabilities... we're not into cubicles or corner offices.

Career and contract positions on three different continents now seeking qualified candidates.

Email your CV or employment history and you will be contacted. Join a fast growing, fast moving innovative company.