7XLANCAT6PUR | Meticulously placed foam tape maintains the relative positioning of the inner conductors, preserving critical Ethernet electrical specifications on the twisted pairs.


The best choice for transporting audio over IP.

7XLANCAT6PUR is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 - EN 50173 - EIA/TIA 568B.2 and ensures accurate transmission of data over a maximum 90 meters (per CAT6 specs).

The SYNTAX 7XLANCAT6PUR TACTICAL CAT6 cable was designed for outdoor and mobile use in broadcasting and in all Class E network installations with a required transmission frequency of up to 250MHz.

  • Designed for broadcast & network installations demanding high bit rates & low latency.
  • Perfect in AVB, Ravenna, Dante or AES67 networking applications where the sum latency cannot exceed 2ms across 7 hops.
  • ISO/IEC11801 & EN501731EIA/TIA 568B.2 compliant (90m).
  • Flexible dual-jacketed design; round, smooth surface with zero interstices.
  • Exterior jacket of tough, highly durable & temperature resistant polyurethane.
  • Foam polyolefin insulation on conductors to maintain exacting electrical & signal specification tolerances.
  • Excellent heavy coverage (80%) tinned copper braided shield; a superior shield at application frequencies.
  • Designed to physically withstand constant coiling on cable drums, delivering longer service life & greater value.

For optimal data transfer meeting the CAT6 specification along the entire cable, the internal juxtaposition of the four twisted pairs must be maintained. Accurately placed foamed tape has been used to surround each twisted pair, maintaining their relative positions and proper spacing. This design sustains the correct physical structure and electrical integrity of the cable throughout its length.

A SYNTAX proprietary methodology deftly applies the tinned copper braid shielding between the first and the second cable sheaths, greatly improving return loss values (S/FTP). Cable and cabling return loss is measured in accordance with annex C of ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2.

Return loss is a measure of the reflected energy caused by impedance mismatches in the cabling system, i.e., the ratio of the reflected signal power to the input power determined from resident voltages, expressed in dB. An impedance mismatch occurs when one component of the system is transitioned to another, e.g., the cable is mated to a connector.

This is critical in low latency audio over IP applications using simultaneous bi-directional transmission. Data must be able to flow down the cable in both directions with a minimal amount of impedance to ensure smooth network operation.

The outer polyurethane (PUR) sheath has been designed for rigorous conditions in outdoor applications; on cable drums; mobile media vehicles, and wherever high abrasion resistance and continuous bending/flexing cycles are needed, preserving an enduring transmission quality.

This version of CAT6 can be wired with standard RJ45 connectors. To adjust the diameter for assembly, the exterior jacket should be removed at the RJ45 connector.


Conductors: Solid bare copper wire, 0.57 mm
Conductor Insulation: Polyolefin Foam, 1 mm
Color Code: green, white/green, orange, white/orange, blue, white/blue, brown, white/brown

Interior Jacket: PVC compound black, 6.2 mm
Shielding: Tinned copper braid coverage >80%
Exterior Jacket: PUR - Polyurethane compound, black, 8.0 mm

Conductor Resistance: < 75 ohms/Km
Insulation resistance: > 5 G ohms/Km
Capacitance between conductors: 48 nF/Km
Impedance from 1 to 250MHz: 100 ohms +/- 15%
Operating temperature: -30C / +70C

Download SYNTAX Digital Cables Specifications (PDF)