IO L.A.B. | Lighting.Audio.Broadcast.

IOL routes I/O, bits and power. IOL delivers robust hardware and software I/O solutions to the lighting, audio, broadcast, live performance, industrial, energy, medical imaging and transportation industries.

Delivering high quality, unique-featured products to our customer partners inspires us. We get our kicks creating something out of nothing.

But we don't compete against our customers.

IO L.A.B. Corp. was established as a customer-focused organization. Our leadership believes that suppliers become key vendors when their strategic vision isn't sideswiped by their revenue goals, aka solely profit-driven suppliers. Other vendors are product-driven, and some by quality. But great vendors are customer-focused.

SYNTAX multipin connectors are key contributors to our I/O product line. IOL and Valentini International, Rivoli, Italy, have a partnership agreement for IOL to market SYNTAX multipin connectors; unique, high performance application specific cables; single pole 480/750A connectors; custom designs; tooling and a wide collection of extras & accessories, exclusively to the North American market. IOL and Valentini have also partnered on the design, development and manufacture of innovative new circular multipin connectors.

IOL has also partnered with several major audio industry OEMs and leading systems providers/integrators to engineer and develop industry-first, ingenious components & state of the art interface products for pro audio, stage and performance markets.

Starting in 2024, the 25th Anniversary of our organization - founded in 1999 - comprised of Fastware, DV Playground Group, Vydeo Integrated Systems, Ethervibe, Protronics Power & IOL, a new batch of brainiac engineers & visionary designers will begin operations as Connectorado LLC.

Connectorado will introduce new, cool & helpful connection products, sold exclusively by IOL to the live performance market. We're excited about our 25th anniversary & we could not imagine a better way to celebrate.

We thank you for your business & friendships over these many years.